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Let's learn to talk about mental health

MedExpress Team


Published April 18, 2023 13:07

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A nationwide educational and informational campaign "Closer to You" has been launched, the originator and organizer of which is the Artemis Group. The campaign focuses on the topic of mental health in the work environment, and its theme is communication and empathy in this regard. Its goal is to raise awareness of the importance of communication in an organization and the importance of the employer taking on the role of dialogue leader.

Mental health issues in the work environment have fortunately already been recognized. More and more companies are actively working to provide support to their Employees, organizing workshops or providing consultations with a psychologist. However, this does not change the fact that there is still a taboo around mental disorders and the subsequent difficulty of addressing this topic in the workplace. Many people are still afraid to talk about their emotions, afraid to admit to mental problems, and don't know how to react when such information comes to his team. Many leaders still spend too little time on communication. That's why the "Closer to Yourself" campaign was created.

- We recognized a key problem, which is the lack of open communication in organizations about mental health, emotions and well-being, and not enough empathy. Unfortunately, many people still fail to recognize h...

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