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AOTMiT: There is a plan for tariffing benefits for 2024.

MedExpress Team

Published July 11, 2023 13:18

AOTMiT: There is a plan for tariffing benefits for 2024. - Header image
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The Minister has submitted the 2024 Tarification Plan to the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tarification.

The decision to include a given group of benefits in the Tariff Plan for a given year is made taking into account objective criteria, which include financial significance for the health care system, social costs and relevance from the point of view of state health policy priorities. Another important aspect is the need to synchronize actions taken by key institutions of the health care system.

Guided by the aforementioned criteria, the area of inpatient services for vascular diseases was included in the 2024 tariff plan, which includes 30 JGP groups from Section Q Vascular diseases, which together account for 4.4% of all groups in the JGP catalog. Section Q concentrates a total of more than 4.6% of the expenses incurred by the National Health Fund for the provision of services specified in the catalog of JGP groups in the type of hospital treatment, and accounts for 2.3% of the number of all hospitalizations provided within the JGP catalog. The results of the analyses carried out so far indicate a high increase in the average value of a single benefit within the section in ques...

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