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Interest in vaccinations has slightly increased

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Nov. 10, 2022 12:53

Interest in vaccinations has slightly increased - Header image
Fot. Getty Images/iStockphoto
The Ministry of Health recorded a slight increase in the number of vaccinations this week. In total, 2.57 million people in Poland have received a dose of a booster vaccine against Covid-19.

According to the Ministry of Health, this week the number of vaccinations increased by 13%. compared to the previous week. 793,000 were vaccinated with the second dose of the vaccine against the virus in the Omikron BA variant. over 12 years of age.

The number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 remains below a thousand in the country. From 3 to 9 November, 45,500 were performed. coronavirus tests. U 3.7 thous. people were infected with SARS CoV-2.

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