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What's next for mental health centers?

MedExpress Team

Published May 29, 2024 07:50

What's next for mental health centers? - Header image
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Half of the country is covered by mental health centers, and half - residents have no access to such organized care. The pilot is coming to an end, and there is no systemic change on the horizon. Marek Balicki, former Minister of Health and former Minister's Plenipotentiary for Psychiatry Reform, also draws attention to the issue of funding, or rather - its scarcity.

- Important is the level of funding for psychiatry itself, which in Poland does not exceed 5 percent of the budget of the National Health Fund, which is tantamount to discrimination against this area. In Europe, the absolute minimum is 6-7 percent, and in Germany, for example, it is 10 percent. With the funding we have in our country, we can forget about quality assurance," Marek Balicki said during a Tuesday conference organized on the occasion of the "State of Psychiatry in Poland" congress, which will be held in June.

Marek Bal...

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