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Agnieszka Grzybowska-Zalewska new president of Infarma

MedExpress Team


Published June 16, 2023 14:44

Agnieszka Grzybowska-Zalewska new president of Infarma - Header image
Agnieszka Grzybowska-Zalewska has been appointed CEO of INFARMA. The election of the new president follows the resignation of Nienke Feenstra, who held the position for a total of three years. The resignation of the former CEO is related to new professional plans.

Agnieszka Grzybowska-Zalewska is President of the Management Board of Sanofi in Poland and CEO of Specialty Care, one of Sanofi's key business units, offering breakthrough therapies in the areas of rare diseases, oncology, immunology and multiple sclerosis. She has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, sharing her experience and expertise in the areas of management and marketing and sales. She has also spearheaded efforts to spread knowledge and expand access to treatment for patients with rare diseases in Poland. From the very beginning, she participated in the creation of the National Plan for Rare Diseases, working closely with patient associations to fully understand their needs and expectations. With many years of experience extended to many other therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, immunology and others, she is well aware of the problems faced by patients, doctors and the national health care system. INFARMA's new CEO is a graduate...

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