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EU list of critical medicines by end of year

MedExpress Team

Published Oct. 25, 2023 08:51

EU list of critical medicines by end of year - Header image
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The Commission has adopted a set of measures to more effectively prevent and alleviate critical drug shortages in the EU - this winter, next winter and beyond. Recent critical shortages, including a shortage of some antibiotics last winter, demonstrate that coordinated action is needed to address supply challenges and make Europe's drug supply chains more resilient in the long term. A key objective of today's communiqué is to prevent and mitigate critical shortages at the EU level. In particular, the communiqué focuses on key critical medicines where security of supply must be ensured at all times.

The communication builds on measures within the European Health Union, particularly the strengthened powers of the European Medicines Agency and the recently published pharmaceutical reform. It responds to a strong call by member states at the European Council in June 2023 and reaffirmed in Grenada in October 2023, as well as to the European Parliament.

Mitigating critical shortages this winter and beyond

To better prepare for the coming winter, a number of measures have already been taken. For example, the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority and the European Medicines Agency have identified key antibiotics (including some agents for children) for which the risk of critical shortages is anticipated before the onset of winter. Appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the availability of these antibiotics.

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