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GIF strengthens e-surveillance of online drug sales

MedExpress Team


Published Oct. 26, 2023 13:12

GIF strengthens e-surveillance of online drug sales - Header image
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In an era of growing e-commerce services, controlling the sale of medicinal products online is a challenge. Recognizing the potential for the development of illegal practices related to this, the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, in cooperation with Allegro, is launching an educational campaign aimed at owners of online sales platforms and patients.

- This is the first step to increasing oversight of online drug sales. We are increasingly frequent and willing to do all kinds of shopping online. Naturally, we also want to be able to stock up on legally sold medicines online. As consumers, however, we need to be aware that the sale of medicines on the Internet is allowed only in the case of an online pharmacy or pharmacy outlet that meets certain requirements," explains Ewa Krajewska Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector.

The condition for online pharmacies to sell drugs is that the pharmacy has a stationary business. The patient will recognize them by the characteristic white cross on a green background. This is the common logo that all legally operating online pharmacie...

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