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Medical Rationale: Value - Health

MedExpress Team

Published June 27, 2023 08:32

Medical Rationale: Value - Health - Header image
The health of Poles as a shared value was the topic of the Medical Rationale of State, held on June 22 this year. Experts stressed that the state's achievements in health promotion and protection are of value to every resident. Representatives of patient organizations recalled that the government bears responsibility for the health of its citizens and has a duty to design, implement, monitor and evaluate health-related policies and programs, taking into account human rights norms and principles.

- Among the values in health care, it is worth mentioning professionalism and evidence-based medicine, allowing to separate what is important from what is less important. Empathy is also key, to see the needs of specific individuals. After all, we deal with the problems of the population, but also small groups of patients," said Deputy Health Minister Maciej Miłkowski. According to him, working at the ministry is a service, because someone's health and life may depend on the decisions of officials. He added that the topic of health is not tied to a particular political option, because patients are everyone. - There is no disagreement in the basic goals, and this is how the health committee in the parliament and the senate works, he pointed out.

Values through the eyes of patients

Bogdan Gajewski, president of the Polish Association of Hemophilia Patients, stressed that the most important thing for these patients is the safety of treatment and access to medication. - If hemophilia treatment is not implemented in a short time, it means death for the patient. In Poland, the organizational solution ensures an adequate amount of drugs with the high variability of the disease. Thanks to the system of central tenders and distribution by blood donation stations, we can save patients' lives. We appeal to the Minister of Health to continue the solution that is in place next year, so that officials can already start tendering. Access to home treatment is also important, as many patients have difficulty moving. The home delivery system for a limited group is already in place, but we would like it to cover a larger group," he pointed out.

Hubert Godziątkowski, president of the Polish Society of Atopic Diseases, reminded that patients have access to modern treatment under the drug program. However, it is difficult to get this information to patients and medical staff. - Perhaps drug programs should turn into pharmacy reimbursement, he pointed out. In his opinion...

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