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7 myths about stuttering

MedExpress Team

Kamila Pierścińska

Published April 14, 2023 13:26

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Shame, low self-esteem, loneliness, and often depression as a consequence. This is what life is like for many people who stutter. A lot of myths have grown up around this affliction, and there are many methods of therapy. But specialists agree on one thing: stuttering can be cured and it should be done as early as possible.
  1. Stuttering is a speech defect
    No, because everyone who stutters is able to speak fluently, it is not related to the structure of the speech apparatus.
  2. Stuttering has a genetic basis
    There is no gene for stuttering, although you may have a predisposition written in your genes.
  3. Stuttering will pass on its own
    Untreated, diagnosed stuttering basically never passes, it only intensifies.
  4. Stuttering builds on stress, has to do with mental problems
    Not. It is necessary to have a predisposition to stuttering, which then can be triggered by trauma, severe stress. Mental problems, on the other hand, are secondary, a result of stuttering.
  5. Stuttering cannot be cured
    Stuttering is a learned emotional response, a specific "program" stored in the brain. It creates the personality of the stutterer. The stutterer stutters not only when he speaks, but already when he plans his speech. Therapy can replace this program in the brain with the correct one.
  6. Stuttering is congenital
    It is always acquired. No infant stutters at the level of babbling.
  7. Stuttering is the result of pathology at home
    This is a pernicious myth that reinforces the taboo on stuttering. It could be one of hundreds of causes.

On the issue of stuttering treatment, the therapy community is divided, which, unfortunately, does not work in favor of patients seeking rescue, often based on information found on the Internet. They get lost in the maze of conflicting opinions. Desperate, they try various practices, unconventional methods, such as those based on meditation or hypnosis. Not noticing no results, they abandon therapy and lose hope.

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