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NIL: (Un)due reimbursement. Breakthrough in the case of penalized doctors

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Published June 14, 2024 08:41

NIL: (Un)due reimbursement. Breakthrough in the case of penalized doctors - Header image
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- Doctors cannot be punished for fighting a human disease at an early stage of development in accordance with the art of medicine and, above all, medical indications, says the president of the Supreme Medical Council, Lukasz Jankowski, referring to the case of penalties imposed by the National Health Fund on doctors prescribing milk replacers with reimbursement. Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna has come out with a settlement proposal.

- For many months we have been intervening in the case of penalized doctors. It is the strength of the arguments behind them that also preceded the right decisions about the preparations prescribed. We have proven this, which is why I am glad that Mister Izabela Leszczyna, unlike her predecessors, is not immune to these arguments and has come out with a groundbreaking proposal for a settlement with unjustly punished doctors. This is our joint suc...

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