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Resident wages after public consultation

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Published July 19, 2022 14:57

Resident wages after public consultation - Header image
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The RCL website published a report on public consultations on the draft ordinance of the Minister of Health on the amount of the basic monthly salary of doctors and dentists specializing in residency. The ministry will not take into account the comments submitted. Why?

The Ministry of Health proposed in the draft ordinance that residents in priority areas should earn PLN 6,942 gross in the first two years, and PLN 7,211 after two years. In other areas, it will be PLN 6,739 and PLN 7,076, respectively.

Doctors from the Zielona Góra Agreement Federation drew attention to very slight differences between the priority and other specializations. - If we are to stimulate the choice of priority specializations through higher salaries, the regulation of the minister of health does not have this effect, because the difference at the level of PLN 100-200 does not affect professional d...

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