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Health expenditures. What about the N-2 methodology?

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 19, 2023 09:18

Health expenditures. What about the N-2 methodology? - Header image
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Between 2018 and 2024, the increase in public spending on health is PLN 100.4 billion, of which PLN 69.4 billion will be spent on wages, according to data released by the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs.

On the eve of the government meeting at which the draft budget for 2024 is expected to be adopted, FPP published another, the eighth Health Care Financing Monitor, and Lukasz Kozlowski, FPP's chief economist, presented the outlook for health care financing in the next four years, primarily in relation to the feasibility of implementing the 7% of GDP health law - in its current form (i.e., using the N-2 methodology, which relates current health spending to GDP two years ago).

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