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KSO is a patient-centered idea - assess the oncologists carrying out the pilot study

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Oct. 12, 2022 14:17

KSO is a patient-centered idea - assess the oncologists carrying out the pilot study - Header image
- The National Oncology Network offers a chance to place Poland in the same rank in terms of oncological care as the rest of Europe. It should not be introduced chaotically, but gradually and based on the reported data - said prof. Adam Maciejczyk, chairman of the National Council for Oncology, president of the National Association of Public Cancer Centers and Institutes during a conference on the pilot and broad implementation of the KSO.

As emphasized by prof. Adam Maciejczyk, the pilot of the National Oncology Network, was positively received by patients. They appreciated, among others tools such as the introduction of an oncology helpline. From the system side, it is important to be able to collect and report data quickly. This allows you to analyze, inter alia, how the patient is guided through the centers, from the diagnostic stage to the entire treatment process.

The method of managing care is to be remodeled within the framework of the National Oncological Network. Hospitals, mainly at the regional level, are to be connected by a network. As a result, cancer patients would receive the best diagnosis and treatment. The pilot project, which was carried out in the following voivodeships: Dolnośląskie, Podlaskie, Pomorskie and Świętokrzyskie, ends this year. Prof. Adam Maciejczyk announced that his ...

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