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NIK probes patient nutrition in Opole hospitals

MedExpress Team

Published June 19, 2024 09:28

NIK probes patient nutrition in Opole hospitals - Header image
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Menus for patients were arranged with the help of qualified nutritionists, but irregularities were also found. Which ones?

The irregularities mainly concerned tender proceedings. These involved violations of applicable laws and internal regulations, including in the preparation of the plan for public procurement proceedings, in estimating the value and description of the subject matter of the contract, and in establishing the criteria for evaluating bids. In addition, no reliable verification of statements and documents submitted by contractors during tenders was ensured.

The NIK Delegation in Opole carried out an ad hoc audit entitled The awarding of contracts by medical entities for the feeding of hospital patients in the Opole Province. It covered a total of four medical entities: the Prudnik Medical Center, the Brzeskie Medical Center, the 116th Military Hospital in Opole and the Opole Oncology Center. The inspectors checked the ent...

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