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Challenges in cardiology. Will the MZ increase valuations?

MedExpress Team


Published Feb. 7, 2024 08:17

Challenges in cardiology. Will the MZ increase valuations? - Header image
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Nearly half of all deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease. After the great success of dramatically reducing mortality in acute coronary syndromes, the following years, decades now, have not brought such significant progress. How to change this? How to strengthen cardiac care on the one hand, and the health awareness of Poles on the other?

These, among others, were discussed at a press conference and accompanying debate organized by the Polish Society of Cardiology, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary on February 28. It is the largest scientific society in Poland, with more than 5,000 members. - The Polish Society of Cardiology is a thriving organization that integrates the expert community in order to work together to improve the quality of cardiac care," said Prof. Robert Gil, president of the Polish Society of Cardiology.

During the conference, the Decalogue of Polish Cardiology 2023-2025, presented a few months ago, was recalled, i.e. the most important postulates, ch...

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