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GPs support coordination in POZ, but ...

MedExpress Team


Published Sept. 26, 2022 09:40

GPs support coordination in POZ, but ... - Header image

A larger pool of diagnostic tests, the possibility of consulting specialists in various fields, easier access to prophylaxis, education and dietary advice - this is the coordinated care in POZ in a nutshell. And in theory. Because in practice, the facilities' capabilities are limited, the staff crisis is deepening, and the greatest enemy of the project is ... the lack of details and proper preparation.

Family doctors associated in the Zielonogórskie Agreement Federation, after analyzing the ordinance on the project of coordinated care in POZ, submitted for public consultations, believe that, in principle, a good step towards facilitating the path of treatment by patients has fallen on details. Or rather the lack of them, because it is currently difficult to assess the possibility of implementing coordinated care in individual fac...

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