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In vitro in the Sejm: Law and Justice's "soft" stance

MedExpress Team

Published Nov. 23, 2023 08:09

In vitro in the Sejm: Law and Justice's "soft" stance - Header image
On November 22, the Diet began work on the first bill of this term. The coalition, preparing to seize power, chose, symbolically, a bill on public funding of in vitro.

In vitro was already reimbursed in Poland, a decision made by Donald Tusk's government in 2012. After the Law and Justice party took power, the then Health Minister Konstanty Radziwill announced the termination of the program in his first weeks in office (this occurred in mid-2016). Officially due to cost, in reality - for worldview reasons (which the minister himself did not hide). The IVF method was supposed to be "controversial," unlike the Church-approved naprotechnology.

The civic project "Yes to in vitro," which has gathered more than half a million signatures, stipulates that the Minister of Health will be obliged to prepare, implement and finance the in vitro fertilization procedure. It further stipulate...

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