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MZ: Over PLN 4.5 billion more for hospitals

MedExpress Team


Published Nov. 18, 2022 12:27

MZ: Over PLN 4.5 billion more for hospitals - Header image
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The Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund announce an increase in the lump sum for hospitals: in the range of half a billion PLN for this year and over PLN 4 billion for the next year. These are additional funds that will be available to all those who, showing care for patients, exceeded the limit of the lump sum amount this year.

By November, over 100 hospitals have already significantly exceeded the lump sum granted to them for the past months and, guided by care for the well-being of patients, they continue to provide services. For some of them, this involved exceeding the lump sum by as much as 30 percent, but there are also facilities where this exceedance reaches the level of as much as 60 percent.

“Hospitals like this should definitely be appreciated. Thanks to them, we are catching up on health from over 2 years of the...

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