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Pediatric oncology: Nataniel is healthy thanks to participation in clinical trials

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Published May 29, 2024 08:15

Pediatric oncology: Nataniel is healthy thanks to participation in clinical trials - Header image
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At the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw, clinical research plays a key role in the search for new, more effective treatments for pediatric cancer. The story of Nataniel, a young man who had cancer for several years, is one of many examples of how innovative therapies can make a real difference in the recovery of young cancer patients.

Pediatric cancer treatment outcomes have improved significantly in recent decades, reaching up to 80% success rate in patients with localized forms of the disease. Such progress has been made possible by cutting-edge therapies that are being developed in intensive clinical trials. These projects, funded by both the public and private sectors, are also often a chance for recovery for patients in whom conventional treatments have failed. This was the case for Nataniel, who is now an adult, and thanks to the possibility of receiving modern therapy as part of the clinical trials being conducted at the Mother and Child Institute, he can enjoy life to the fullest and pursue his dreams.

Difficult beginnings

Bone sarcoma was diagnosed in Nataniel when he was 16 years old. The initial symptoms were not linked to the cancer by his primary care physician. The pain in the boy's leg was thought to be the result of intense sports training, or simply growing pains. Only when the teenager's leg swelled up did the doctor order an ultrasound. The diagnosis - osteosarcoma of the right femur with metastasis to the lungs - came just after the distribution of certificates. Instead of enjoying the vacations, the boy had to start a series of intensive therapies. Chemotherapy, dubbed "domestos" by Nataniel and his mother, was only the beginning of a long treatment process that also included numerous surgeries and intensive rehabilitation.

- Osteosarcoma, which Nataniel suffered from, is an aggressive primary bone tumor, always requiring an intensive therapeutic approach. Unfortunately, the initial symptoms are often mistaken for other diseases or typical complaints of adolescence. Traditional treatment includes chemotherapy an...

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