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Małgorzata Solecka

Propaganda that kills

MedExpress Team

Małgorzata Solecka

Published March 28, 2022 09:13

Propaganda that kills - Header image
We kind of know. Why party to the presidential election at all costs in the spring of 2020. Why in the summer of 2020 you no longer had to be afraid of the virus and could go to elections in large numbers. Why were schools forced to open at the end of the summer holidays, as if there was no pandemic? We know the answers and we also know the consequences - the wave of the great dying that started in October 2020 and continues, although of course with varying intensity.

There are books that are worth reading, although they may not surprise you with anything - apparently -. This is the case with the interview on the river with prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz, former deputy minister of science and higher education in the PiS government. Earlier - the minister of health in the government of Jerzy Buzek, which in the context of the leading topic of the conversation conducted by Jarema Piekutowski is not without significance. "Propaganda that kills" was published by the Nowa Konfederacja publishing house in the noteworthy series Dialogi Międzyepoki.

The political paths of the former minister of health and the United Right not only diverged, but even - they have already diverged some time ago, and the issues related to the strategy of fighting the pandemic were a considerable reaso...

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