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Vaccinated children are ostracized at school

MedExpress Team


Published Jan. 21, 2022 09:55

Vaccinated children are ostracized at school - Header image
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- Life was dominated by anti-scientific and anti-vaccine views. It is very harmful. It shows in our clinics. Vaccination points - empty - says Joanna Szeląg, expert of the Federation of Zielona Góra Agreement, vice-president of the Podlasie Association of Doctors Employers PZ.

From December 16, 2021, parents can vaccinate children between 5 and 11 years of age against Covid-19. And only at the beginning, and in addition only in the west and north of Poland, was there more interest. There is no such thing in the east of the country.

According to Joanna Szeląg, no educational campaign reaches the patients. - It does not arrive because it is not there. Instead, the anti-vaccine gibberish arrives. Unfortunately for children as well - he adds.

- During the vaccination, I noticed that children are not afraid of the vaccination itself, the needle or the pain. They are afraid of confusion around vaccination, possible consequences, uncertainty about what will happen next - says Wojciech Pacholicki, vice-president of the Zielona Góra Agreement Federation.

It gets even worse. Children who tell school that they are going t...

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