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Chocolate against ... osteoporosis

MedExpress Team

Published Oct. 31, 2023 06:56

Chocolate against ... osteoporosis - Header image
Fot. Getty Images/iStockphoto
Chocolate without sucrose, but with vitamin D3 and K2. Possible? By all means. It was patented and the project was defended as part of an implementation doctorate at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Silesian Medical University in Sosnowiec by Bartosz Blonski, MD. By day, he is the owner of a family business producing, among other things, healthy sweets.

The goal of the doctorate was to design dark chocolate and dessert chocolate, which will be enriched with vitamins D3 and K2, as well as calcium with a view to supplementing the diet in people at risk of osteoporotic changes. It is worth mentioning that the World Health Organization has recognized osteoporosis as a disease of the 21st century!

- Realization of such an intended goal of the work required solving a number of scientific and technological problems: determining the doses of pharmacolog...

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