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The new therapy reduces the risk of recurrence in early breast cancer

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Oct. 19, 2022 09:36

The new therapy reduces the risk of recurrence in early breast cancer - Header image
dr Katarzyna Pogoda
- Abemaciclib used in combination with hormone therapy reduces relapses in patients with early breast cancer who are at high risk of recurrence - said Dr. Katarzyna Pogoda from the Department of Breast Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery of the National Institute of Oncology PIB in an interview with Medexpress. The therapy is already registered in the European Union. Doctors and patients in Poland are waiting for it to be reimbursed.

An early breast year is the one most commonly diagnosed. What does prognosis depend on?

Early breast cancer is diagnosed in over 90% of all patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The vast majority of women come to us with early cancer. We want to cure all our patients, but each of these ladies has a different prognosis. It depends primarily on the biological subtype of breast cancer. There are crayfish more and less aggressive. The hormone-dependent carcinoma that appears to have the best prognosis ...

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