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Walenty Zajdel

Drug reviews

MedExpress Team

Walenty Zajdel

Published Sept. 16, 2022 09:08

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The act on the profession of pharmacist contains the following provision: "The pursuit of the profession of pharmacist is aimed at protecting patient's health and protecting public health, and consists in providing pharmaceutical care". One of the elements of pharmaceutical care is performing drug reviews along with the assessment of pharmacotherapy, taking into account the patient's drug problems - in order to detect and solve drug problems and ensure safety in the pharmacotherapy process.

Three positions were issued on drug reviews:

  • Legal position of the Legal Office of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber.
  • Position of Coordinators of the National Drug Review Pilot.
  • The position of the President of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Court (NSA) and the Supreme Professional Liability Officer (NROZ).

There are two conclusions in the position of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber:

  1. As a rule, every pharmacist qualified to practice as a pharmacist is entitled to provide pharmaceutical care, which is the basic form of practicing the profession of pharmacist.
  2. Additional requirements for pharmacists have been laid down for some healthcare services within the scope of pharmaceutical care.

Certain simple services ar...

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Drug reviews

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