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Ketogenic diet in Hashimoto's disease? - Part 2.

MedExpress Team

Dr n. med. Marek Derkacz

Published Nov. 3, 2023 09:22

Ketogenic diet in Hashimoto's disease? - Part 2. - Header image
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Potential benefits and risks

Potential benefits of the keto diet include:

a)Improving weight control:

One of the main arguments in favor of the ketogenic diet is its potential to improve weight control. This aspect of the diet seems crucial for most people who struggle with obesity. By drastically reducing carbohydrates, our body is forced to burn stored fat stores. For hypothyroid patients, or patients with hypothyroidism, who, quite often struggle with excess weight, the keto diet can be an effective way to get rid of excess body fat relatively quickly.

b)Stabilization of blood glucose (sugar) levels:

A ketogenic diet can help maintain stable blood glucose levels by limiting carbohydrate intake, which often leads to glucose spikes. For patients with Hashimoto's disease, maintaining hormonal balance is crucial, and the keto diet can help achieve this goal.

(c) Improved well-being - increased energy:

Introducing a ketogenic diet can improve the energy levels experienced by our patient...

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