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Walenty Zajdel

Testing in pharmacies - a disgrace of NRA and MZ

MedExpress Team

Walenty Zajdel

Published Feb. 18, 2022 08:02

Testing in pharmacies - a disgrace of NRA and MZ - Header image
Anyone can make a mistake. A wrong decision can also happen to central institutions such as the Ministry of Health (MZ) or the Supreme Pharmaceutical Council (NRA). The introduction of testing to pharmacies is more than a mistake - it is a disgrace of the NRA and Ministry of Health, because pharmacists, as a rule, should deal with drugs and not swabs. Pharmacies cannot become swab points at the expense of core business.

The health minister made several mistakes with the testing. The pandemic has been going on for two years and during this period, private laboratories asked the Ministry of Health to enable antigen tests to be performed. Unfortunately, the Minister of Health did not agree to this, which means he made a cardinal error. On January 21, 2022, he issued a regulation on the list of diagnostic tests that can be performed by a pharmacist. There is no reason why pharmacists should ...

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