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Urszula Szybowicz

The child returns to school - how to support them?

MedExpress Team

Urszula Szybowicz

Published Sept. 5, 2022 10:32

The child returns to school - how to support them? - Header image
September is a month when many parents come to see psychological help with their children. Does this mean that during the holidays there were no problems or we did not want to see them? We asked prof. Ewa Mojs, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Nie Widać Po Me Foundation.

As adults, we should start with "securing" children with special educational or other needs (resulting, for example, from a chronic disease), which require a special approach to successfully master the school material.
Secondly, there are parents with children who have difficulties in adapting to school, difficulties in separating from their parents, problems in establishing peer relationships, coping with the assessment of the situation, etc. These are matters of the initial stage of education.
In addition, children report problems that begin to show up at a slightl...

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