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Krzysztof Bukiel

They believed the minister - current comment (regarding USD in Prokocim)

MedExpress Team


Published Feb. 2, 2022 08:35

They believed the minister - current comment (regarding USD in Prokocim) - Header image
As we learn, over 20 anaesthesiologists from the University Children's Hospital in Krakow Prokocim did not withdraw their terminations and on February 1 they did not come to work. Apparently, the management of the hospital did not want to live up to their expectations.

When on December 20 last year the representatives of HRM met with the minister, deputy minister and president of the NFZ at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, two topics were discussed. The first one is the amount of the indicator that determines the minimum basic salary for a specialist doctor. It currently amounts to 1.31 of the "average wage in the economy for the previous year". For years, HRM has been striving for it to be around 3 "national averages", but with a proposal for a compromise and consent (as appealed by the Minister of Health), HRM agreed that this year (from July 2022) this indicator should be 1, 7 "national average", that is, at least a little more than what specialist doctors obtained on the occasion of the "Szumowski ...

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