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The largest expansion of the reimbursement list since 2012 lies ahead

MedExpress Team

Published March 15, 2024 09:26

The largest expansion of the reimbursement list since 2012 lies ahead - Header image
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The latest list of reimbursed drugs includes 33 new substances, including seven in oncology indications. - This is the largest expansion of the reimbursement list since 2012, says Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna.

The list, presented Thursday at a press conference at the Health Ministry, will take effect on April 1. Seven new substances will appear in oncology indications, twenty-six in non-oncology indications, including eight in the area of rare diseases. The indications for some therapies have also been expanded. One example is gene therapy for SMA. Until now, one of the criteria for admission to one of the world's most expensive drugs was that no other drug had been taken before - this eliminated from eligibility children in whom doctors decided to immediately include other available drugs to time the appearance of the first symptoms. Now such children, meeting all other criteria, will be able to receive reimbursable gene therapy.

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