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Pharmacies: patients will pay less for Polish drugs

MedExpress Team

Published March 14, 2024 09:02

Pharmacies: patients will pay less for Polish drugs - Header image
As announced by Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna, starting April 1 this year, patients will pay 10% less for drugs made in Poland and 15% less - if, in addition, ingredients made in our country were used in their production.

Reductions in patients' co-payments for Polish drugs is one of the mechanisms included in the amendment to the Drug Reimbursement Law, which is intended to build Poland's drug security and encourage an increase in pharmaceutical production in our country. Currently, the share of domestic drugs accounts for 35% of the value of the reimbursed drug market, while by sales volume it is 48%.

Building system resilience

Experience from the Covid-19 pandemic has proven that the more drugs produced domestically, the lower the risk of shortages during emergencies. After all, one of the reasons for pharmaceutical shortages in the EU is dependence on supplies from outside Europe. Meanwhile, the transport of pharmaceutic...

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