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Lung cancer - behind every percentage is a person

MedExpress Team


Published June 27, 2023 12:02

Lung cancer - behind every percentage is a person - Header image
Despite the fact that lung cancer remains the most common cause of cancer deaths in Poland, we can talk about a real breakthrough that has been made in recent years. Thanks to immunotherapy, molecularly targeted drugs and precise diagnostics, lung cancer is becoming a chronic disease.

The majority of patients (60-80 percent) at the time of diagnosis are in the advanced (inoperable) stage. Thanks to the revolution in diagnostic methods, the prognosis of patients has improved significantly. More than a dozen drugs are currently registered for the treatment of NDRP. This applies to patients diagnosed with certain genetic changes.

The type of mutation matters

One of the best-studied molecular abnormalities in lung cancer is a mutation in the EGFR gene. This mutation affects about 7-10 percent. Modern targeted drugs (triton kinase inhibitors) have improved the prognosis of pa...

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