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National Drug Manufacturers sum up the year

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 18, 2023 09:04

National Drug Manufacturers sum up the year - Header image
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The most important event of 2023 for us was the amendment of the Reimbursement Law. Unfortunately, until today, modest provisions supporting the production of medicines and active substances have not been implemented. We are not taking advantage of the potential of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, through which we could build Poland's security and drive its economic development," says Krzysztof Kopeć, president of the National Drug Manufacturers summing up 2023.

Krzysztof Kopeć:

According to the amended reimbursement law, as of November 1, 2023, patients should pay less at pharmacies for reimbursed drugs made in Poland or from Polish ingredients. Meanwhile, to date, the health ministry has not published a list of reimbursable drugs containing the products covered by the reduction. So who, and in whose interest, is blocking the provisions of the law causing patients to lose the savings in drug spending guaranteed to them by law - several million every month?

Drug shortages

In recent years, the supply of medicines of fundamental importance to health has been repeatedly disrupted throughout the EU. The years-long process of administratively lowering their prices, which in Poland today are among the lowest in the EU, and the lack of a mechanism that can contribute to increasing pharmaceutical production - have made the production of the cheapest drugs hardly profitable. Only 1/3 of reimbursed drugs are produced in Poland.

Therefore, the mechanisms in the Reimbursement Law for increasing domestic production must be implemented and expanded. Reimbursement preferences sh...

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