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NRA: pill for minors only with consent of parent or guardian

MedExpress Team

Published May 1, 2024 09:34

NRA: pill for minors only with consent of parent or guardian - Header image
Fot . Robert Robaszewski / Agencja Gazeta
There is the Health Minister's regulation on the pilot program on emergency contraception, and there is the position of the pharmacists' self-government. Identical to that of the consultation: The Supreme Pharmaceutical Council on Tuesday, April 30, confirmed that for minors applying for the pill, "the consent of the legal representative is required." That is, a parent or legal guardian.

Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna signed the regulation on April 29, and it goes into effect on May 1. On that day, the pilot program was to start, that is - Polish women were to be able to buy the so-called day-after pill without having to present a doctor's prescription in pharmacies. However, the program will launch only formally - probably only after "May Day" will pharmacies begin to submit applications, necessary to sign contracts (this process will also take time). ...

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