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Prof. Marcin Czech: Today, life for SMA patients is already much easier

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Dec. 11, 2023 08:00

Prof. Marcin Czech: Today, life for SMA patients is already much easier - Header image
An interview with Prof. Marcin Czech of the Mother and Child Institute, president of the Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society.

Five years ago, as then Deputy Minister of Health, you made a very important and also very courageous reimbursement decision. It concerned the funding of the first drug in SMA, nusinersen. What influenced such a quick reimbursement decision? How do you assess this decision in retrospect?

It is much easier to evaluate it from today's point of view. At the time, it was a difficult decision. It concerned the most expensive drug in the world. The question of how the population should be narrowed down had to be answered. We did this in almost all drug programs. Here we decided not to do it. In retrospect, I think it was the most correct decision. It was a small snowball that made a snowball at the moment. Today, patients' lives are much easier than when they were doomed to worsening disease. We had the prospect of effective treatment and some mechanisms of a mature reimburse...

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