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Adamed: there should be an inter-ministerial plan in Poland to ensure drug security in case of crises

MedExpress Team

Published March 13, 2024 08:25

Adamed: there should be an inter-ministerial plan in Poland to ensure drug security in case of crises - Header image
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A list of critical medicines and an emergency plan jointly developed by the Ministries of Health, Development and Defense, as well as national drug manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists and wholesalers, are essential tools to respond effectively to increased demand for medicines, according to a discussion at the Operation Polish Medicine panel held as part of the Ninth Congress on Health Challenges.

During the first day of the 9th Congress of Health Challenges in Katowice, a panel titled Operation Polish Drug was held, focusing on the role of domestic manufacturers in the context of Poland's drug security and innovative approaches to drug production. In addition to other industry representatives, the discussion also included Katarzyna Piotrowska-Radziewicz, director of the Department of Drug Policy and Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health

We will talk to the pharmaceutical industry about amending the reimbursement law, because there are problematic provisions," announced Katarzyna Piotrowska-Radziewicz.

The head of the Drug Policy Department also assured that on April 1 this year, the reimbursement list will include about 400 drugs produced in Poland, for which patients will pay less. Lower co-payments for Polish drugs is one of the incentives included in the reimbursement law, which is expected to increase pharmaceutical production in the country.

Domestic drug production guarantees health security

Katarzyna Dubno, director of external relations, ESG and health economics at Adamed Pharma S.A. and vice chairman of the board of the Polish Pharmaceutical Industry Employers' Association - Domestic Drug Manufacturers, pointed out that in the current geopolitical situation, it is important to produce as many drugs as possible in Poland and thus build the country's resilience - crucial in NATO's doctrine of deterrence through the presentation of real power. Strong manufacturers d...

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