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22nd Congress of Family Medicine

MedExpress Team

Published May 20, 2024 10:08

22nd Congress of Family Medicine - Header image
The Association of the College of Family Physicians in Poland is once again holding its annual congress for family physicians and primary care physicians. - This is a provable celebration of family medicine," says Dr. Michal Sutkowski and invites you to the congress.

The Congress of Family Medicine is one of the most prestigious and popular scientific and training meetings in Poland addressed to the community of family physicians. The 22nd edition of the congress will be held June 13-16 this year in Warsaw. As in previous years, the congress will be held in a hybrid format.

The program includes 2 plenary sessions, 12 lecture sessions, 3 scientific sessions and 9 workshops. This year's topics will include issues in vaccination, infectious diseases, STDs, end-of-life care at home and newborns born close to term, and much, much more.

The topics of issues of the 22nd Cong...

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