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Amazons for the second time with educational campaign "We examine not only moms"

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Published May 23, 2024 08:05

Amazons for the second time with educational campaign "We examine not only moms" - Header image
fot. Federacja Stowarzyszeń Amazonki
Ways to celebrate Mother's Day are plentiful. Every year, many people wonder how to appreciate this special woman in their lives on this day. The Federation of Amazon Associations argues that the best gift for a mother is to take care of her health. That's why it is organizing for the second time the nationwide campaign "We examine not only moms." On May 25 in more than 90 Polish cities, Amazons will educate on breast cancer prevention. The walk for knowledge on how to perform breast self-examination and when to do preventive examinations is a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

The Federation of Amazon Associations has been educating women about breast cancer prevention for more than 30 years. For the second time, on the occasion of Mother's Day, it will remind all Polish women - regardless of whether they have children - to sign up for ultrasounds and/or mammograms and conduct regular self-examinations. On May 25 (Saturday), at 12 noon, in the central points of 91 Polish cities, the Amazons will conduct educational activities that provide an opportunity to increase knowledge of, among other things, breast cancer prevention. A list of cities with the addresses of the events is available at the link.

- Interest in last year's "We examine not only moms" campaign exceeded our expectations. More than 90 local Amazon clubs got involved. In each city, representatives of our organization talked to many women - not just moms - about the importance of breast cancer prevention. Participants took part in training on how to perform breast self-examination, and gained knowledge on when to have ultrasounds and mammograms. Due to the fact that very many women benefited from our action, we decided to repeat it. We c...

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