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Barbara Dziuk: Children are the pillar of the machine of pro-health activities

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Aug. 30, 2023 13:21

Barbara Dziuk: Children are the pillar of the machine of pro-health activities - Header image
fot. Rafał Gronecki
- Investing in the younger generation is an investment that will pay us back in a few years. Building good eating habits and showing that we can control diseases of civilization is a great idea. We need to work together in this field and not create barriers," said MP Barbara Dziuk of the Law and Justice Party in an interview with Medexpress during the 1st Children and Youth Health Congress.

There are many areas of health care that are subject to various discussions. Today we are talking about child and adolescent health, and we start the meeting by talking about psychiatry. Child and adolescent psychiatry reform is underway

With the offer to build a strategy for psychiatry came patient organizations. The current and direction was given by people who face various problems on a daily basis. I have great pleasure in creating interdisciplinary teams, which are the pillar of strategy building and later corrective actions. We can create them, but only with experts, because an important element in the dialogue is this group. Today's panel discussions will build the assumptions of good changes, which I think will be reflected in ministerial talks. As it happens, a lot of good things have alre...

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