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"Health - a Shared Value. World Cancer Day - Cancer Moonshot".

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Published Feb. 7, 2024 12:17

"Health - a Shared Value. World Cancer Day - Cancer Moonshot". - Header image
- Oncology is associated with dying and this stereotype should be changed, because cancer is already a chronic disease. In Poland, almost one million people have cured cancer and only undergo regular check-ups. But, unfortunately, the number of patients will increase, which is why we need to encourage medical students to choose this specialty," said Deputy Health Minister Prof. Urszula Demkow during the Medical Rationale of State "Health - a common value. World Cancer Day - Cancer Moonshot".

- There will be a 70% increase in cancer cases worldwide in the next 10-15 years, reported Dr. Janusz Meder, president of the Polish Union of Oncology.

- So let's bet on health management, because although disease management is pretty good, there are too many sick people," he added.

Prof. Maciej Krzakowski, national consultant in clinical oncology, admitted that there is currently an increase in cancer incidence and an even greater increase in prevalence. - Unfortunately, in terms of five-year survival, we are still below the EU average, he lamented. Therefore, in his opinion, there is a need for comprehensive treatment, i.e. the emergence of organ units, improved reporting for screening, availability of genetic testing and quality control of services. He also pointed to the role of family physicians in primary prevention.

1,300 oncologists are not enough

Prof. Maciej Krzakowski informed that there are 1,300 oncologists in Poland, while, for example, in the Czech Republic, which has almost four times less population, there are 1,500. Deputy Health Minister Prof. Urszula Demkow spoke of the need to introduce incentives for medical graduates to choose this specialty. - After all, this is a fantastic specialty that offers many opportunities, she stressed.

Staff shortages also apply to hematology. Prof. Ewa Lech-Marańda, national consultant in this field, informed that there are 593 hematologists in Poland and the rate per 100,000 residents is 1.57, while the optimal rate is 3 doctors per 100,000 residents. - Hematology is included in the list of priority specialties and every year there are more and more residents, but we have about 90 vacant specialty places, she added. Patients and hematologists are waiting for the introduction of the pilot National Hematology Network. The network is designed to improve and level the playing field for hematology patients across Poland. As Prof. Ewa Lech-Marańda emphasized, the pilot project of the National Hematology Network is ready and waiting for further action.

Prof. Maciej Krzakowski also mentioned the need to improve molecular diagnostics, which is used at an early stage of treatment with a radical goal.

Prof. Piotr Rutkowski, president of the Polish Oncology Society, said that a full package of molecular tests will be implemented this year. - We need to implement the National Oncology Strategy in a planned mode, he urged. - The work is strenuous, but it is yielding improvements in five-year treatment outcomes, spectacularly in some areas, ...

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