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1st Endometriosis Institute Conference: Restoring women's health and joy of life

MedExpress Team

Published March 8, 2024 10:54

1st Endometriosis Institute Conference: Restoring women's health and joy of life - Header image
Endometriosis, is a problem for about 3 million Polish women, and the level of its diagnosis and treatment in Poland leaves much to be desired. Women wait an average of 10 years for a diagnosis, enduring tremendous pain and suffering during this time. For this reason, a group of specialists has established the Endometriosis Institute in Wroclaw, which is a comprehensive place for diagnosis and treatment of the disease in Poland and Europe. The Institute officially begins its activities with a conference for women, which will be held on March 23 this year at the Concordia Hotel in Wroclaw.

The conference will bring together well-known specialists: doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists who have been focused on restoring normal life to women suffering from endometriosis for years. Patients who overcame the disease and won the battle for health, as well as those who still suffer from it, will tell their stories. There will be an opportunity to learn more about methods of diagnosing and treating the disease, and to learn about the available drugs and preparations that are currently being used in therapy. This is an excellent opportunity for all ladies who are struggling with the disease and are looking for understanding and support.

The Conference is organized by the newly established Endometriosis Institute, a joint effort of Wroclaw-based gynecologist Dr. Nikolai Karmowski, an expert in treating difficult cases of endometriosis, who in his 20-year career has performed more than 3.5 thousand procedures and several thousand consultations for the diagnosis of the disease, and the Wroclaw-based EMC company, part of Penta Hospitals, the largest group of hospitals and clinics in Central Europe.

Together in the fight for women's health

The facility is located in Wroclaw's EuroMediCare Hospital, one of Poland's private hospitals, which provides adequate facilities for such activities. The facility, which has ...

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