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WCCI Warsaw, a strong cardiovascular structure

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Published March 24, 2023 09:53

WCCI Warsaw, a strong cardiovascular structure - Header image
The 27th Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions (WCCI) workshop, organized by the Foundation for the Support of Interventional Cardiology under the auspices of the Association for Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Society of Cardiology and in cooperation with EAPCI and EuroPCR, will take place on April 19-21, 2023. Representatives of the PTK's Cardiovascular Intensive Care Association, the PTK's Club 30 and the EAPCI's Euro 4C group are involved in creating the program of this oldest and one of the most prestigious cardiology workshops in Europe.

Face to face with cardiology

This year WCCI is returning to a stationary "onsite" format, which is sure to translate into a large turnout of participants from around the world, after all, WCCI's motto is "Creating Cardiovascular Medicine Worldwide."

  • The pandemic has calmed down, and we believe that the stationary formula before the pandemic is a much better choice. Of course, the remote form is convenient, it saves time significantly, but nothing can replace direct contacts with another person, scientist, doctor both professionally and socially, and this has always been a great value of our workshops. - assesses Prof. Adam Witkowski, Director of WCCI, Head of the Department of Cardiology and Interventional Angiology, National Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, Past President of the Polish Cardiac Society. -

  • The Airport Okecie Hotel, where the workshop is held, is close to the airport, as well as relatively close to the Center, a convenient location for both Polish and international cardiologists. We know that our choice for the stationary formula was met with great enthusiasm in the community, people, after years of pandemonium, are simply thirsty for face-to-face contacts, it is easier to ask questions during the sessions and the treatments themselves, easier to exchange opinions. - Adds Prof. Robert J. Gil, Director of the WCCI, Head of the Department of Invasive Cardiology at the National Medical Institute in Warsaw, President Elect of the Poli...

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