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Gigantic bills and the lack of support are the end for POZ facilities

MedExpress Team


Published Jan. 20, 2022 10:44

Gigantic bills and the lack of support are the end for POZ facilities - Header image
The first gas bills in the new year for some primary care facilities are shocking! The fees increased from just over PLN 4,000 to over PLN 20,000. The math calculus is simple! That's a few hundred percent more!

- Ubiquitous increases in the absence of support for primary health care facilities, i.e. leaving them with enormous, devastating bills, payment deadlines will cause further clinics to close. If the government does not immediately intervene in this direction, the availability of medical services for patients will be seriously threatened! - alerts in a letter to Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Bożena Janicka, President of the Agreement of Healthcare Employers.

A government bill on special solutions to protect gaseous fuel consumers in connection with the situation on the gas market has been submitted to the Sejm. It provides for tariff protection until December 31, 2023, including gaseous fuel recipients who are "entities providing healthcare services financed from public funds, to the extent that they consume gas fuel for the purposes of providing these services." In its c...

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