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Will there be a shortage of nurses, midwives in primary health care (PHC)?

MedExpress Team

Published March 4, 2024 13:49

Will there be a shortage of nurses, midwives in primary health care (PHC)? - Header image
At the end of 2024, the rules for nursing and midwifery providers will change and midwifery providers in primary health care (PHC). The community's concern is that the regulations do not specify the rules under which independent nursing and midwifery practices will be part of the coordinated care teams of the POZ.

The recent alarming news about the shortage of nurses and midwives due to their acquisition of pension rights has not yet made its way through the media. And there has been further alarming news in connection with regulations that come into effect on January 1, 2025, according to which patients' statements of intent will lose their validity. The October 27, 2017 law on primary health care, will also introduce funding changes to the primary care model.

The regulations indicate that the POZ team will be made up of a doctor, a nurse and a midwife, and that the entire pool from the capitation rate will go into a common fund. - We have very many signals that the implementation of these regulations means the loss of the possibility to choose a nurse and a midwife in POZ. By choosing a doctor, the patient, as it were, automatically accepts his colleagues. Nursing and midwifery practi...

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