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Many doctors struggle with burnout

MedExpress Team


Published Sept. 14, 2022 14:58

Many doctors struggle with burnout - Header image
Every third physician in Poland suffers from depression or anxiety. Many of them deal with burnout. Often they do not want to talk about their problems, which only makes the situation worse. It turns out, however, that doctors, especially oncologists, would like to have access to psychological help, but less than every fifth medical facility provides it to their employees.

Doctors face a lot of stress in their daily work, which is caused by several factors. This includes pressure related to responsibility for human life and significant workload. As a result, doctors often develop a burnout syndrome, which affects both their personal feelings about their professional life and the way they work with patients.


A study conducted on oncologists shows that almost 66 percent of them had a subjective sense of burnout. 75 percent of the respondents met the criteria of occupational burnout, based, inter alia, on on WHO recommendations. More than one third of the doctors participating in the study sought psychological support, but only 18.5% of them had access to such assistance at their workplace.

- The oncology specialty is e...

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