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Prescription drugs. Health Ministry estimates scale of abuse

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Published May 8, 2024 08:55

Prescription drugs. Health Ministry estimates scale of abuse - Header image
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758 million zlotys were spent by the National Health Fund on prescription drug reimbursement in 2023 alone. Even though this amount includes medicines needed by patients and correctly priced, the scale of abuse is still huge, according to the MZ. The seriousness of the practice can be evidenced, for example, by the 30-fold increase in the price of a sterile bottle in the pricing of a prescription, or by the 18-fold price of a prescription drug relative to its market equivalent.

In reference to the results of the National Health Fund's inspections of prescription drug reimbursement abuses, which showed the huge scale of irregularities in this area, the Minister of Health and its subordinate bodies have taken action - both control and legislative - to eliminate improper phenomena in this area.

"It should certainly be considered an irregularity, as the payer points out in its communication*, for one authorized person to issue 500 prescriptions per day for prescription drugs, the cost of which is borne by all citizens who pay public premiums," reads the MZ website.

As indicated by the National Health Fund, in 2023 it spent a record over PLN 758 million on reimbursing prescription drugs. The amount indicated is not solely the resul...

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