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Will there be drastic increases in the price of commercial medical services?

MedExpress Team


Published April 21, 2022 13:21

Will there be drastic increases in the price of commercial medical services? - Header image
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Minimum wage increases, which are to come into force on July 1, may not only lead to, but will certainly result in, higher prices in medical facilities operating on market principles. This is just one of the conclusions resulting from the comments received by the Ministry of Health as part of public consultations on the draft amendment to the remuneration regulations.

On April 19, the deadline for submitting comments expired, they provided their comments on Tuesday, among others Presidium of the Supreme Medical Council, Polish Federation of Hospitals and Employers of the Republic of Poland. Although organizations place the emphasis differently, the common denominator of both opinions is the doubt as to the sources of financing the increases, the scale of which - only for entities operating in the public system - is estimated by the Ministry of Health at about PLN 7.2 billion only in the second half of 2022. This is gigantic money, so it seems reasona...

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