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Increased chaos

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Published Oct. 5, 2022 09:21

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A large proportion of nurses have received raises lower than indicated by their qualifications, and the criteria for allocating funds for the implementation of the act on minimum wages for hospitals remain a secret - according to the discussion that took place on Tuesday at the Senate Health Committee.

The committee met on this matter for the second time: a month earlier, the discussion ended with a conclusion that the Ministry of Health should, in the coming weeks, present specific solutions to problems reported by hospitals and the social side, above all - the nurses' community. Already in September, they alarmed that some directors, qualifying for index groups, do not recognize the qualifications they have, relying only on those required for a specific position.

For a month, according to Tuesday's discussion, the state of affairs has practically not changed. Moreover, both the chairman of the committee, Beata Małecka-Libera, and other senators who took the floor during the two-hour exchange of op...

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