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Ministry of Health: changes in the "Prevention 40 Plus" program

MedExpress Team


Published June 17, 2022 14:33

Ministry of Health: changes in the "Prevention 40 Plus" program - Header image
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From July 1, 2022, GPs who help patients register in the "Prevention 40 Plus" program and undergo tests, can count on financial bonuses. What? The National Health Fund informs that it is currently refining the details. Patients who will be tested - will take part in the prize draw.

The lottery, in which you will be able to win admission cards to sports facilities throughout the country, will start, the health ministry informed on Friday, "after the holidays". Changes are needed because the flagship program, which started operating a year ago (July 1, 2021), has not yet been successful. Out of approximately 20 million eligible persons, 600,000 were tested, and a little over a million registered in the program. In recent months, you could...

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