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They support patients with multiple sclerosis

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published Oct. 3, 2022 13:16

They support patients with multiple sclerosis - Header image
- We want to provide patients suffering from multiple sclerosis the necessary knowledge and facilitate their meetings with other patients - says Monika Łada, president of the SclerosisRozsiane Foundation.Info, in an interview with Medexpress, and announces conferences for patients. There are also plans to publish the Primer SM.

There are around 46,000 in Poland. diagnosed patients with multiple sclerosis, and in the world about 2 million 800 thousand. You are a foundation that supports the sick. How are you carrying out this mission?

We focus primarily on educating patients. Our main task, which we set before ourselves when creating the foundation, were patient conferences. It was about equipping them with the necessary knowledge provided by experts and creating opportunities to meet other patients, exchange experiences and less formal talks.

"SM - and so what ...?" This is the title of the conference that took place in September in Gdańsk. The meeting was held with the substantive support of the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk...

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