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In the fight against violence against the elderly. New online education platform launches

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Published April 25, 2024 13:55

In the fight against violence against the elderly. New online education platform launches - Header image
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A sub-site of the Elder Project Foundation, focused on the Elder Abuse Risk Assessment Form (FORP) and the fundamental goal of improving the quality of life of seniors and preventing violence against them, is being launched. Adequate education, effective tools and pathways, as well as sensitization of health care professionals are an effective prescription in the systemic fight against violence against the elderly. In addition to FORP, the Foundation's sub-site includes educational content on violence, instructional materials or statements by doctors on the practical application of the form.

The number of seniors and... needs towards them is growing

According to recent sociological studies, Poland is facing a huge challenge: a declining number of births of children and an exponential increase in the elderly. The consequences of this phenomenon will affect Polish society on a variety of levels, not just economic. Based on statistics from the Central Statistical Office, at the end of 2022 the number of people aged 60 and over was 9.8 million, up 0.7 percent from the previous year. According to Eurostat's EURO-POP2019 population projection, in 2050 Poland's population will be 34.1 million, 3.85 million fewer than today, while the number of elderly people will increase to 10.3 million, or by almost 3.3 million people. The aging of the population is also associated with an increase in the needs of this group. In the face of this challenge, it is already necessary to implement multidirectional systemic changes, including against all forms of violence against the elderly.

Elderly victims of violence

A rarely addressed, even neglected and silenced by the public is violence against the elderly in society.

- We doctors are reminded of elder abuse rarely, usually around holidays, May Day and long weekends, when EDs and emergency rooms fill up with people seventy, eighty plus and their relatives. We hear that Mommy hasn't wanted to drink or eat for two days, Daddy has stopped walking for two weeks. For two days, two weeks, two months... (...) then we find that health issues have not been taken care of for years... - with this perspective agrees Agnieszka Skoczylas...

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